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Fall begins

The above is a video of a prototype experiment for the game. As the floating platform moves around the area, it depletes energy. Occasionally a random barrier will appear. If the floating platform has enough energy, it will simply remove the barrier and carry on. Random floating food balls also appear here and there over time. If the platform comes across a barrier and has low energy, it will eat the closest food available using its food laser.

The soundtrack is an unreleased old jam.

The purpose was to explore systems that can have cycles that can become interrupted and trigger the participants to work to overcome those interruptions.

The idea is that these interruptions might generate missions for the adventurer to embark upon, however big or small. Also, to make the world more of a living thing, the inhabitants will react if your actions break their cycles. Furthermore, breaking cycles may become necessary to make progress - i.e. distracting guards on patrol to buy time to free a prisoner, etc.


I have a number of tracks that exist as Ableton Live parts for my live show. They started life as MIDI parts on Cubase running on an Atari ST and have evolved over the years. The next iteration of the live set up is going to be an out-of-the-box rig that is so far looking like:

Korg ES-1

Novation Circuit

Behringer TD-3

Moog Werktsaat

Arturia Minibrute


Behringer Xenyx 2442 FX




So I am taking the tracks and breaking them down to transfer into the new set up, and it seems like I should really make a recorded version of each along the way.


inflexi0n was mentioned twice in this week's Fresh On The Net Listening Post.

Supreme was described as "amazing wild messy noise" and

"last but totally not least". So I didn't make it on the radio or any big lists yet but it's a start and getting closer!

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