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Full Moon In Pisces

According to Astrology.TV;

"Virgo energy is rooted in the earth, devoted to the application of knowledge and finding practical solutions, whilst Pisces connects to a more universal understanding, transcending the individual self to merge with universal consciousness in the form we are most drawn to."

This is a great description of this time. I have been building a system for the game that involves different centers of energy of the body adding together to create an overall effect on the heart. My maths are based on resonances I perceive between the vibrational octaves of music and the numerology techniques that distill information to a similar scale. I am using simple maths to create a system based artistically on energies behaving in similar ways to those that I know of sound. It is a lot of fun, and I surprise myself when I get these systems to behave in accordance to the vision that is held. It is similar to creating music, working on individual parts somewhat subconsciously that then form a cohesive whole that is all the more pleasing due to knowing from previous experimentation how easy it is for small discordances in any parts to cause its collapse.

So now the game object has the ability to sense when parts of itself are at various levels of distance away from their centered status of comfort. Being in one direction away from one's center creates an equal desire of opposite value according to that center. The level of each unbalance is relative to the overall state of the object at that time, so smaller things happening on top of larger things amplifies their effect.


In music news, inflexi0n has been included on a few playlists recently curated by Signal Committee.

Check them out!


Unsigned Release Radar - August 2020

Unsigned Release Radar - September 2020

The Cream of The Crop - 2020 (unsigned)


Unsigned Release Radar 2020

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