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Getting back on it

This week I began measuring my food intake again on My Fitness Pal.

I am sure that by now everyone in the world has heard of this app.

Every time you eat something, you scan it's bar code or search in the database.

I have my profile set up with my goals and it suggests I eat 1500 calories a day.

If I do exercise then the running total of calories will be adjusted. At least it used to.

The whole ecosystem of connectivity does not work as well as it used to.

It was pretty good with Fitbit, it is not so good with Google Fit.

Still. Keeping track of things does help keep them in mind.

Having goals in mind and feeding back their progress does help to keep on track.

If I know that I am going to log a snack after I eat it, and that it will bring me over my goal,

I am likely to leave it. Holding oneself accountable does work. I recommend it!

At first I was reluctant to ever mention anything about health and fitness here.

What is inflexi0n? It is not a health regime.

But it is said that celebrating small victories is a good direction to take towards any productivity.

Recently I released my first music through Record Union.

They have just done this big campaign about mental health and the music industry.

It is important for all of us to take care of ourselves.

So I see that campaign and I feel justified, like there is a viable connection between health and art.

Often, the artist is the explorer that travels to realms of the mind that many would never know.

Bringing back the treasures found there to share with the world.

As self-isolation has continued I managed to let much time go by with little exercise.

But this last week, keeping track of things has helped me to get motivated to get back on it.

I use My Fitness Coach on the Wii.

Hey, it's a start. This thing can kinda kick your ass actually. It is good for now.

Doing exercise and eating better, trying to hydrate properly, it makes me feel good.

I have more energy to put towards what I want to do.

I do not enjoy working out. I do enjoy feeling good.

OK. I guess this seems like a good size for a blog post. Shit. A whole post about health and fitness.

So I might as well finish up by documenting that I also began meditating this week.

Trying to meditate. In fact a lot of it was actually falling asleep.

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