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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I made my radio debut!

3 Plays on BBC Music Introducing, and 1 on GlitterBeam.

Tom Robinson runs FRESH ON THE NET, an extra chance for artists who upload their tracks to the BBC to get some exposure. Every week the team of moderators open the floodgates and let in 200 fresh tracks. The team of around 12 then whittle these down to around 25 which are voted on. The votes determine the 'Fresh Faves' of the week who then go on to receive reviews on the website from the moderators.

As well as this, Tom includes his own picks to be included in his BBC Music Introducing Mixtape and on his earlier show. He said of Supreme;

"Wildly exuberant noise...
his track Supreme has all
the rough edges,
surprises & excitement
of a great live band"

Not long after, the track was also included on my local station BBC CWR with Brody Swain.

Along the way in getting into Fresh On The Net, I became acquainted with the band Signal Committee and their enthusiasm for my track I reckon helped to convince Lucas Gil to include it on his show Supernova.

Signal Committee have been making their own playlists of music from the 200 FOTN submissions every week, and this caught the attention of Tom Robinson who made their eclectic list a main feature of the site. Even better for me, seeing as my tracks have been included on 2 of those :D.

Look out for an inflexi0n remix of their track Beleaguered coming soon.

All of these shows are well worth a listen! I am honored to have been included.

Let's add on to all this that the blog on Share Pro posted a lovely review of Starling Bay.

Oh yeah, you know something else cool that happened was that I got a Six Word Sci-Fi Story published in Wired Magazine!

So, in terms of music, I feel like what it says on FOTN:

Most of all we hope that when your track does get picked for the Listening Post, the Fresh Faves and/or the Introducing Mixtape it’ll confirm that you’re doing something right – and your songwriting has begun to stand out from the pack.

I feel like I am doing something right. I know there's a long way to go. I am working on my new live set up / next music already, but It feels great to get such encouragement.


The adventure game has been making slow progress, but a more tangible form is coming from it.

Look! A table!

It is made of 5 pieces of wood. Not that that means anything other than color at this time.

Currently working on a universal scaling system and object positioning method. I am aiming for as much to be reduced to simple numbers in tables as possible so that things can be built from these simple data. Haha, tables.

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