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inflexi0n's fitness refresh

Today I set about a refresh for my general fitness regime. The one shining answer, it would seem, to many of my problems including fitness is accountability. How can I get into the habit of regularly keeping track of where I am in relation to my goals, what is working or not, and if I am actually participating in my own wellness?

Then I realized that I also have this blog that already exists, partly for this reason in many areas of productivity but also fitness. Originally I thought a blog on the website intended for my musical endeavors would stick to content far from anything that the gym industry might also touch. The first post went straight off all about My Fitness Pal and 'holding oneself accountable' however. It turns out I am on a 13-month cycle of fitness rebirth.

So, in the last year, I have gained 2Lbs. At first, this is slightly disappointing news. Then, I am reminded by my beautiful fiance what we have learned in using our wifi-connected scale, that it is important to also factor in body fat %. Having dropped from 30% to 28% actually gives me a 3Lbs reduction of fat. That is one small bag of potatoes, and one small win for the week.

I am one to go too full-on into a thing such as fitness. This is unsustainable. Dangerous even. So often I would start a workout plan in a gym or whatever and soon become ill. If it wasn't illness it would be some small injury. I saw it as bad luck. Why was the universe against me getting into better shape? I see now that I was just doing damage to myself. I guess I was running my defenses down or pushing it too far. When things were done at a more reasonable level, it wouldn't seem like I was doing anything. Consistency brings results over time though.

Last year's plan was even too much. I have been trying to come up with strategies across the years that adhere to the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine. Some years have been better than others. I'm not sure exactly how I've fallen off the fitness wagon in the past. Last year was just like OK I'm going to go straight into trying the thing I found on the internet that they say all the fat guys that need to be in superhero movies do. HIIT routines that I was forgiving of myself for starting out small in, but they were still too hard and too boring. As I wrote that "It wears him out" is sung by Radiohead in Fake Plastic Trees in a moment of synchronicity.

OK so here is the amazing 2022 inflexi0n fitness regime:

Weekdays: 30 mins on the treadmill at lunch. This can be moderate cardio and everything will be fine.

Mondays and Wednesdays will involve a hot bath followed by stretching routines.

Saturday and Sunday mornings will involve some weight training.

This is the minimum. There will be hikes, dance-off videogames and the like that occur additionally.

I am currently 191.5Lbs @28.6% body fat, BMI 27.4.

My goals are 170.7Lbs @21-24% body fat, BMI 24.5.

If we just focus on that weight goal and put everything into the 13-month natural cycle I seem to be on, it would come down to 0.4Lbs/week. This feels totally achievable.

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