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Moon of the Scarab - 1st Quarter

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

3 new tracks are complete and heading for an EP release soon.

New music is also finding its way from the world to the decks of inflexi0n.

Exercise is good for you and important. Doing a little here and there may feel like less than it really is at the time, but it adds up. Just do what you can, and what you can do will become more.

The same can be said for many things. It is easy to do less when we feel that what we do means little.

But you can find a way if you want to.

Lists are made and acted upon. Slowly things build up.

Much like the cycles of the moon.

Here is a tool that can help the creative mind organize what tasks there are and which one to approach in a given moment.

Use technology to make art.

The art of inflexi0n is currently being applied to a new company website for an incentive marketing company.

It is time for work to begin in earnest on the next big inflexi0n project:

An adventure video game!

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