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Moon Of the Scarab - 2nd quarter

After aligning with the moon of the Scarab,

A large beetle of another variety was seen.

Alignment with the Scarab seemed particularly resonant

as from what has been seen

those creatures can remind us

of the effort one can take

to push the soul up to its peak

A further synchronicity was experienced

during watching the movie Crimson Peak

there is a moment where a circular window moves across the screen

it commanded the full moon to mind

at this exact moment

the full moon was absolute

Work has begun on the adventure game

designing the systems that will create the world in which the adventures happen

The vision is of a generative game

that will hold certain paths

but also create it's own

something that can be different every time

but also hold consistencies

Perhaps the mechanisms of what might create this synchronicity

this galactic poetry

perhaps this too can be included

these 2 images mash-up pretty good.

Hey. This is actually a very good diagram for some of the designs so far.

It may be possible to incarnate as a beetle at some point.

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