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Moon When All Things Ripen - 1st Quarter

It's nice how this is a traditional name for the current moon,

and in a few days, the debut EP will be released.

As if it were ripe fruits ready to be picked from the internet.

The image of the cover even fits, a succulent if strange fruit.

The release is set in the future as this makes it possible to pitch the EP to Spotify for consideration in their playlists. Emails have been sent to radio stations but to no response.

inflexi0n resolves to get some live shows going again, even if to start with they will have to be an online version of live.


The preliminary design for the adventure video game is together.

This is not inflexi0n's first foray into video game design. The above image is taken from Sega Force Mega magazine back in 1993. The central storyboard is for a cutscene in a game that was designed by a 14-year-old inlexi0n for a competition. The prize was £10,000 and to have the game made by Imagitec. Months went by, the winners were due to be announced but the magazine vanished. The entries featured were apparently some of the better and it seemed to say that they were in the running.

The game was to be a side-scrolling walk and shoot game, with one on one boss fights more like street fighter. It told the adventure of a schoolboy and his fight against an evil cyborg posing as the headteacher. Each boss was based on an actual teacher.

So cut to about 2 years ago, a trail of coincidence led inflexi0n to discover a huge paperclip, and before that a box of smaller paperclips. I guess they were universal paperclips and they seemed to indeed be a sign from the universe.

This led to the discovery of a game. It was originally developed as an exercise to learn javascript. inflexi0n realized that javascript was within skill range and thought it would be fun to make a game. So the ideas began to flow, and Unity was discovered. A couple of tutorials later and it did seem that indeed developing a game was a reasonable project.

Dabbles in Unity produced this productivity app as a practice.

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