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Moon when all things ripen. 3rd quarter

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

So the 1st EP is out into the world like a ripe digital fruit, but it is still pretty undiscovered.

A couple of tracks have been submitted to inflexi0n's local BBC radio station and have been listened to! Whether or not they will ever get played is something to be looking out for over the next few months.

A rep for Share Pro got in touch via Twitter and it seems like it might be worth a go. 2 tracks were uploaded over 14 submissions. They have 48 hours to get back and a range of things are promised and valued accordingly. Within the 1st 12 hours a few replies have already come back, the first of which was great;

"Hey thanks for your submission (Starling Bay). I like this track a lot. Most of the experimental music I hear takes a while to form into a flow I can recognize but you captured my ear within the first 15 seconds. I think what resonates with me right away is the mood you set with this track. It's telling a story that puts you into an introspective mode but yet allows you to float with your thoughts. Your choice of instruments came together with a very delicate touch, and the background melody when it's dropped in appeared with a nice airy feel and was added perfectly. I think this record is produced excellently. If you haven't already, you should try reaching out to music supervisors here on Share Pro as they pick music for TV/Film video games etc. This track I could see working well on those platforms. I think you are a very talented producer (not a beat maker) as you actually craft full songs. We'll post a link to your video on our blog to help give you more exposure, so be on the look out for that sometime next month. Until then, keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing what you come up with next.... "


Work on the adventure game is still in the design phase.

The mechanics of time and space are being refined. Relationships between different kinds of information and how they affect each other are being determined.

Did you know that the Sun rotates like the planets, and it also orbits around the center of the solar system, not being the true center itself? It spins around as a whole once in roughly a month, but not all of it spins at the same rate as it is made of gas.

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