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Neu Year Neu-Tron

In music this week, I put some holiday gift money towards a new addition to my setup - A shiny new Behringer Neutron :) It is a really good fit, sounds good, lots of fun!

I had been thinking about building my own envelope, or at least hacking the Werkstat so it could use its own, since out of the box the envelope can only be triggered by the keyboard and not CV in. With the patch bay on the Neutron though, we are straight up and running with the Beatstep, although I had to pass the gate through an attenuator before the envelope would work. For my 1st jam, I replaced the C64 with the Neutron so that the Novation Circuit triggers that by MIDI whilst I expand the Werkstat’s capabilities with the patch bay.

As much as I love using my old C64 it doesn’t seem the best idea to use it for a live rig. The amount of space it takes up along with capabilities really loses to the Neutron.


This is the 3rd week of the obligatory new year workout regime, it’s going well and I am full of optimism for success.

I went a long time with less of a regime since the pandemic started and I stopped going to the gym. I had been using You Fitness on the Wii but I kinda injured my ankle and that also came to a halt.

Often, when trying to start a program I will go into it too heavy and injure myself or not be able to keep up. I recently got a cool treadmill, the ProForm - 505 CST.

OK so it’s not a top-of-the-line Peloton or anything, but it does have a cool feature where you can draw a route on google maps and it will take you there in street view, and simulate the terrain up to its 10% gradient limit. I found it for $600 from Best Buy.

It also has an iFit connection where trainers will talk you through workouts in glamorous locations around the world. I really like it.

I did, however, try to do too much at first. So now I have dialed back to a few cardio sessions in-between an at-home dumbbell beginners workout that I found on the app I was previously using as a guide in the gym, Jefit.

I am using a cool set of adjustable weights, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 which I got for $300 from Target. You just dial in the value from 2.5lbs to a little over 50lbs and it picks up the corresponding disks.

A few weeks in and I am feeling much better. I put on weight during the pandemic. I had gotten more out of shape than I realized. So I’ve got a target to drop around 30lbs. I am being realistic about it. At this rate, which is comfortable enough and at the low end of difficulty, I might expect to reach that goal within a year. I’m fine with that. I was still way off when the pandemic hit and so if it takes 1 year to undo the previous 2 then that’s cool.

Hopefully, if I can stay on this path, it will get easier to do more the further I go.

I am not starving myself at all but trying to not eat too much. I have begun to make a few healthier choices like cutting out refined white carbs and swapping chips for nuts or cheese and rye crackers or olives.

I have an ecosystem of apps and devices that talk to each other enough so that I can measure my progress pretty well. Google Fit is where I look at daily activities, and My Fitness Pal is usually my go-to for weight/fat% reports. My bathroom scale also sends my stats into the cloud.

Wow look at that, it’s really the last half of last year I started the 10lbs climb. This corresponds to starting a new job and being a bit happier. Also having a bit more cash. I guess I have been celebrating. I had purchased a footrest with a lid that I keep snacks in. OK. Enough of that.

It goes to show that if you do not track data then it’s easy to let it get out of hand. Each week was a change small enough not to notice.

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