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Slow Progress

Things have been moving slowly.

There may be a little doom fatigue involved. Added to the difficulty of game dev. I have lost my way a little with productivity. I have fallen off my exercise routines.

But, as the universe empties what is full, and makes full what is incomplete, stagnation gives way to new momentum.

Supreme was featured on Ingrown Record's radio show Aura Borealis.

I now have a profile on Amazing Radio and a few tracks have been getting some play on their continuous new music stream.

I am brushing up on DJ skills.

Still transferring tracks to my new live setup. Just learned how to chain patterns together on the Novation Circuit. Recently found a use for my Arturia Beatstep too, it works great for triggering patterns on the Korg Electribe, so hopefully will also be good for the other groove boxes and allow for easily transitioning through tracks. Here is a live jam to celebrate using the Beatstep to trigger a few patterns on the Electribe accompanied by the TD-3:

The visuals are created live using a user-uploaded ensemble on Reaktor.

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